Skilled Haircut Services for Men and Women

Ready to redefine your look?

Contact us now for personalized hair-cutting services for both men and women. Our skilled stylists are adept at creating unique designs that reflect your individuality and style. Reach out today for an appointment that will renew your confidence and style.

Customized Hair Designs: Crafting Your Unique Look

Step into a world of personalized hair designs. Our stylists create custom cuts that perfectly suit your personality and lifestyle.

  • Women’s Cut/BlowDry/Style : $90 +
  • Men’s haircut : $40 +
  • Child’s haircut thru age 10 : $25
  • Wash & Blow-Dry : $50 +
  • Curls /flat iron styling : $65 +

Salon Salvati provides haircuts and personalized hair design services across Naples, Bonita Beach, Macro Island and Estero.